Thursday, 29 May 2014

Penang Trip :)

oh yeah!! this is the thing i excited for so long since march we booked the flight ticket and hotel rooms!! my superman decided give me a big big birthday present which brought me to Penang for 4 days 3 nights!! 1st time travelling with him and imma super duper excited and happy! it was an awesome tripp!
we planned ahead as Penang has alots of attractions that must go! 
look at him, he was searching the attractions at which location, direction and simple itinerary for our trip! and im the one who only searching for the foods!! :D

he came from Kuching, i came from KL, we meet at Penang :)
too bad so sad my flight was delay for 3-4 hours!! oh gosh! it was terrible man! ><
caused him have to wait me few hours at airport and do nothing there!
luckily he wont put me aeroplane!LOL
#but 1st, lets us take some selfiess after met!
truly felt differently when travel with your love one!

alright, the 1st place we go is Penang Hill
it was ppl mountain ppl see queuing for the ticket
a good news for students! show ur student card and you can get half price (Malaysian) which is RM 4 only!
for normal adult (MyKad), RM 8 per entry and foreigners are charge RM 30 per entry (if not mistaken) 
the train are limited seats, all of the visitors are standing ofcos will block the scenery :0
wow! once i reached the hill top, i been attracted by these scenery!
i just so so love to stand at a high place, and enjoy the amazing scenery~!
the weather was cloudy, very comfortable~
just walk around with him and enjoy the nice weather
okay, sometime we need to act cute to make life easier~LOL
big big love to this owl swing chair! it was too cute!
top hill love lock!
* pictures download from google
this place is very very romanticcc!!
im totally loving with it!
actually i had took thousands of picture with the love lock and the big big L.O.V.E
too bad so sad my pictures in camera was broken!!
heart breakk!!
 i was very disappointing :((

Next stop, Kek Lok Si Temple
is a famous and large temple in Penang
there was many people come over for pray or visit
this is the only picture available in phone due to the camera caused all the pictures are broken! don know what happen :O haizz
skippp for the sad thing =(

now, let me introduce the food that i have tried! :D
1) 猪肠粉- 3 种酱料 (虾酱,甜酱,辣酱)
2) 卤肉面 - 好好吃!
3) 虾面 - 更好吃!让我念念不忘!
4) 炒果条 - 太好吃了!连续几天都吃!
5) 煎蕊 (cendol) - 不错吃!
6) 槟城白咖啡 - 好喝!
i love penang food!! cheap and delicious!
i have to mentioned about, im the tour guide of the trip! hahaha! 
actually not, im just acting tour guide ofcos is him <3

Next stop, we go find the Street Art which is a MUST to go while you are in Penang!
# the brother and sister on the swing 
# a child ride a motorbike 
# the sister and brother ride bicycle
alots of art on the wall along the street
 # minions are very cute!
 end our second with lots of arts and enjoy the walk along street :)
at night, he bring me counting down my birthday at starbuck :)

next day, is my birthday!! 
he brings me to my favourite place - Batu Feringgi 
wow~~ amazingggg~~
panoramic viewww~
once we reached, there are 'bunch' of seller come and promote their water activities packages to us~!
at last, we take a package by playing parasailing (a big round) and jet ski (20 mins) for RM 100 per person
wearing the life jacket and go for the challenge of parasailing!
1st time make me feel nervous and excited!
top left - is our travel fren who just knew each other yesterday and we join together as travel kaki!
preparing and short briefing for us
wowww!! too nice and exciting!
i really don know how to describe my feeling at that time
imagine you are in the air and look down all are ocean!
next activities, Jet Ski for 20 mins
this was nice too as he super love this!
ride around the sea and have a short sharing with him <3
the only free activities is unlimited taking photosss~!
non-stop selfieeee~
look, he was so relax and enjoy
big big love to this photo <3
jumping shoot! yeah!
alright, end this awesome beach with our sweet photo :D
hence, our travel fren wanted help me celebrated my birthday and treat me a nice seafood dinner!  
too good and lucky to meet them in this trip, make this trip more complete and awesome!
thanks so much for all the treat and its definitely make my day! 

Last day in Penang, spend our time by watching Spider Man 2 at TGV Cinema
try out the beanie room and cost RM 46 for 2 person
extremely nice and comfortable~
mark the ending with this although i din wish to..
how i wish the time can stop at here><
sending him to airport with aii and also shopping at new KLIA 2!
with alots of laughter, sharing and caring~
yea~ is the ending of this post with our epic face.. 

i did really enjoy in this trip till the max!
i love all the things that happened around us!
i appreciated for all the arrangement for me~
million thanks to my superman, he is the one who make my dream come true~
he is the one who make me laugh like crazy, cry like child~
all the things happened will now transfer into my mind as best memories in my life!
i will never ever forget and i had a great birthday this year :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

My 22th Born Day :D

first of all, a million thanks to LOVELY MUM AND DAD for giving me birth on 11/05/1992 which i really love this date very much!! thanks alot for support me all the way, take care me for 22 years! and now im become a healthy and happy adult with lots of love <3 <3 

be4 fly bek to KL, Mum had cooked 2 eggs for me and chicken drumstick as Chinese traditional is like this.
this is the best birthday present in the world! 
nothing can replace it and im feel warm when i woke up in the morning and saw this on table :)
how strong the love from mama
not only this, my dad oso did something that he never even did b4 to me!
he curi curi put money in my card holder and dint told me..
after reach KL he just told me he got hide something inside my bag and find it out!
LOL! how cute is my dad! hahah
papa and mama always always are the best of the best!

alright, skip to my celebration with le gang at Fish&Co, Pavillion
okay..they plan to give me surprise but actually i ady know they wanna celebrate my birthday b4 i heading to Penang! hahhaha! since last night i ady plan to wear sui sui le!
#but 1st, let me take a selfiee! oh no, is 4 selfiess
 im in a good mood bcos i received a good news early in the morning!
okayy..skippp we are!
im been cheated by ting bcos he told me Pavillion had one restaurant offer their fish fillet at RM7++ only! and ofcos i been attracted! LOL
all the decoration is fish theme, very nice environment!
provided with live band somemore!
you can like their Instagram and get free drink by purchase one of the main course!
pattern with the fish shape under liner
so so creative!!
 as usual, photo photoss everywhereee! not going to introduce the meals bcos all are fish fish fish with different flavour and sauces only!!
they love to eat too not only me...accept aii aii, she only ordered a piece of cake
thanks alot for the sacrified!!
 after that, suddenly cindy call me loudly and i feel weird as i just sit beside her!
yuan lai is wanna let the live band know which one is me and wish me happy birthday!
followed by the saxophone player come closer to play the birthday song! wow! he was so awesome!!
and another staff send me the cake!
hahahah!! im and very shocked they do this again as last 2 years celebrate at senso my gang also requested the singer to sing birthday song to me!
alright, i like it and enjoy, pls continue next year and following year yaa~~

group photooooss~~
they are so happy they can balance their hand by posing double peace to show im 22 years old!! LOL proud to be 22 now, its not old, its just the time start my career journey~
okay!! i had a great night with all of you and thanks alot for all the preparation!
there's nothing able described my love to all of you and it will be all in my mind and heart deeply :)
sorry for all the mistake i did to you all, maybe sometime i very 讨人厌 or hurt you ppl.. im here to say sorry and please forgive me..
dont hesitate to tell me if i done anything wrong..i will improved myself to a better one!!
love yaaa <3 <3