Monday, 29 August 2011

Yuki's World

im yuki..just a normal girl~actually i create this b4,but i forgot the email address n seen my frens all playing this blogger,so i just follow them to create a new one~
okay~~let me introduce myself....
my name is Kian Moi...all my frens call me yuki~some call me Toon(bcos my family call me toon toon),some call me ngaitii girl....(bcos i keep on saying "ngaitiii")
now i studying at Kolej Laila Taib...taking business quite enjoy my uni life ..bcos i hv many frens here~!!!they very nice n quite "noisy" frensss~hahahahassss
these r my 38 frenss~~!!!really 38 than auntiesss unclesss....but oso funny...sometime laughing untill even cant control myself....

there r my frenss too~i studying LimKokWing b4...taking interior design...they r my best frens at there n oso enjoying along wit them...this pic is taking on my fren-Leerie's birthday..we celebrate wit her n take a 'family photo' to hv a happy ending..^^
at my lover~!!!jiang jiang jiang jiang~~~~~
he is my lovely+handsome+cute boyfren!!hahaha...he call jian..n me gonna call he baby~~sweet sweet^^
he everyday working at Chan Furniture as a salesman...he r kind n good to me...but ofcos sometime will quarrel wit him,but we r not easily break up...cos I LOVE HIM!!!!
this is our happy memories.....

okay...i gonna to end my 1st time + 1st post at here...hope u like^^

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