Monday, 16 December 2013

Finally home ♥

off to bed at 2:00 am
woke up at 3:00 am
take taxi
reached LRT station at 4:00 am
imma waiting KLIA transit early in the morning for send me to airport
imma excited :D

currently, imma at sweet sweet hometown having a long holidays!
1 month plus seen long but actually short, time fliess
totally not enough for me
bcos i have alot of thing haven done yet! ><

Xmas coming soon, my fren n i plan to sewing little Christmas tree, little santa and little socks!
but till now haven done a single thing! LOL!!

come bek omos 2 weeks ago
had try some nice food and drinks
had hang out with some fren
the 1st stop goes to Hui Sing Hawker Centre which has my favourite satay n sotong rojak!
it was very nice n tasty!

2nd, Ayam Penyet @ Rumah Hijao
very tasty
but wait for so long!
while waiting for our meals
met someone at somewhere unexpected!
my spp, Chloe

3rd, hang out with aii n siang yee to spring :)
try out the fried chicken rice from Sugarbun
we miss it so muchii!
love the raisin rice and juicy chicken!
Easy Drink Easy Go
strongly recommend the Pudding Milk tea
if u r pudding lover, i'm sure u will like it!
met our long lost classmate, Phei Chen
u look prettier!
when to MBO cinema watch Hunger game 
love the staircase, very romantic!

4th, Wakakaka cafe located at Titanium
went with my dear for early celebrate our 3 years 9 months anniversary ♥
fish and chip @ RM 16 ++ (if not mistaken)
big portion n fresh dory fish
 chicken boxing with spicy tomato sauce << forgot wat its real named
RM 12
not bad, abit spicy
mushroom soup with garlic bread
very creamy, i like
dinosaur milo
too bad so sad we forgot to take picture on that night :(
but everything will in mind forever :)

went to Wakakaka cafe again in the next
one is my dear bring me without telling me
one is ady plan with my fren few days ago
so i ordered ice-cream chicken chop @ RM 15 ++ (if not wrong)
vanilla ice cream + grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce + mountain of french fries + salad
quite nice but the ice cream melt too fast :(

5th, after having our meal, we continued our gathering at Georg Peck
 ordered pudding milk tea again
can see that i love pudding very much :D
finally we r met! just left Shirley at oversea

6th, Cityone
T4 - Tea for you
france milk tea with pudding
more to tea, not much milk added, but still acceptable

7th, Dumpling king, the new famous food in town!
located at 7 Miles, near Kota Sentosa kopitiam
RM 8 for 8 pcs
u can see the skin not too thick, the meat inside quite many
beef noodle @ RM 6
u can either choose to spicy or not spicy

8th, Kolomee
owes the best!

9th, had work as Sony part timer for replacement at spring shopping mall 3 days!
photo abit blur, cos not original taken by my phone
the sony promoter!
had much fun with them!
met this little naughty girl
she was very cute!

10th, seh koh at my sis shop
due to my sis go for travelling, so i help to take care shop
spend my time by watched 兰陵王 
10th, Aeroport
a sudden dating
bcos of the dark lighting, we r using flash light to help each other

that's all the summary of activities and foods that i had spent in these few week
tmr gonna have a food hunting with my gang :D
stay tuned for the next post~
till then :)

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