Saturday, 30 November 2013

Last Month of 2013 :)

the begin of December
the end of November
the end of my semester
the end of year 2013

the Christmas coming soon
the new year coming soon
the Chinese New year coming soon
and im coming back hometown very soon :)
count down for 2 days!yeeaapiii!! =D
im very excited n now totally holiday mood
but, i still have 2 papers to go on Monday :0

this sem, much more harder than last sem
more stress, more bother, less happiness
luckily i still able to handle it
too much thing happen on this sem,
happy, sad, angry, cry, trouble, stress, afraid
friendship, relationship
hope every sadness or bad thing follow November go far away n never come bek!

still have 1 year half to go to finish my degree and leave this stressful place!
hope that i can finish faster and graduate and work to earn money!
bcos i knew that, can't live without money in this cruel world!

last post of November,
i realized that, im totally loving in blogging! <3
thanks to my frens who influenced me :)

till then :)

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