Saturday, 23 November 2013

A complete SPP =D

a phone call, to wake me up, the next day, hang out with my SPP
now, is a complete SPP!
inside the train, enjoy the moment with them <3
we heading to KL Performance Art Centre (KLPAC) as leerie wanted to go~
how to get thr?
take lrt to reach Masjid Jamek --> interchange to Sentul Timur line to Sentul --> take taxi to KLPAC
 its quite near to the station, 10 mins would reached
 the exterior of the centre
the pathway~
very green and fresh~
 a place that very relaxing
seriously love this building and the green field!
im happy girl!! 
nagging them to do like this!hehhe
 did u feel relax?
 love this view <3
a small 'pondok' beside the lake
the long lost sketching buddies
see they so concentrate on sketching, make my heart feel abit itchy itchy :0
we stay for few hours bcos of raining caused us cant go anywhere..

chloe, that owes make me LOL
next time must come kl often to see me n leerie oh!

im seem like omos fall down, but i will try my best to make myself balance up for everything
settle all my stuff by myself and not let my parents and love to worry about me
dont give up when faced any difficulty 
everything will be alright after u put all ur effort 
i'm try my very best to live, how about u?

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