Sunday, 3 November 2013


yaaa!! he is 丁富矿, the birthday boy on 29/10
 usually we call he 陈合宽 / Ting Hock Kuan /ah Ting and Ding Dong

after celebrate at Suki-ya with Jean, we wait until his big day then just give surprise for him..
on 25/10 night,
he called Jean n asked : ' they didn't celebrate or give me surprise ha?'
Jean reply: 'ya, they all busy doing assignment, n no other plan about ur birthday'
he disappointed n said: 'oww, ok bah'

actually we ady plan how to surprise him since 1week ago
we just wait for the time coming~
in the midnight, we going to 2nd floor, bcos his room is facing to the swimming pool..
inside the lift and on the way to swimming pool
party time!!
look at that only window lighting up, is his room
Jean called him and start chit-chating with him when it was omos 12:00 am
we are very scare she suddenly look outside n spoil all our plan..
look so stupid..hahaXD

Jean ask he look outside, then we say Hi with him!
i don know wat his feeling that time when saw us at thr..
he close the curtain bcos wanna changing clothes and he know he cannot so ugly 上镜!
aii and Jean take the candle to waiting him at the lift, and others of us wait at the same time
he tot just they two come to surprising him!
 n shocked see all of us thr by taking his birthday cake! lol

he was very paiseh n 感动... i think so :0
he just look good when he not looking to the
eating his lovely cake, from Coffee Bean
after that, he have to seperate the cake into 7 pieces by feeding us one by one!
the 1st one, ofcos is for his gf, Jean
second one, Aii Aii, that been hit by him just now
third, Cindy, the sausage lips
forth, Liping, the one keep laughing thr n see 热闹
fifth, Jc, the shortie in da gang
sixth, Siang Yee, the one owes do nothing, in relationship with her laptop de
lastly, is me, bcos im the camera girl :0

yes!!! our revenge time!!
actually we plan to push him into the swimming pool after he blow the candle
but we failed to do so n aii been hit by him on face too..
so we cancel this activity!
but we still not 甘心 that nothing to prank him!
so we ask him act like we pushed him down n let us happy xia..
finally he 圆了我们的心愿
he take out his valuable thing himself,
take away his spectacle
then act like so happy
and be prepared
his gf that pushing him down!
n 6 of us just like watching live movie!
ohh yeahh!! success!
b4 this, we had tested about the temperature of swimming whether is very cold or not
see, we so good :)
seee, we got prepared towel for u somemore :D
not bad leh..heheheXDD
im sure this picture is taken when he feel very very cold!

after this, we go bek to hostel and continue our assignment

 ********* Next Morning ********
giving the birthday card which done by Aii Aii
a big red red card
really big enough, need many ppl to holding it
 ya~ end his birthday surprise at here, bcos he need to have a dinner with his gf <3

lastly, hope you like everything we do for u
although not the best surprise in the world, but full of our love <3
n sorry for this late post, i try my very best to finish it faster liao~hehehe
happy birthday to u again! stay health and happy forever!

goodnight world =)

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