Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jean's 20th Birthday Surprise ♥

hello peeposss!!
im going to continue the post which about Jean's Birthday surprise!
to be fair for Ting, his will be at next post!
be patient ya :)

don know why, we got many different birthday ideas and surprises~
my sista said, if we not able to find a job in future, we open a company together that specialized help to give surprise for birthday person! LOL
quite interesting in this kind of business :0
1st, we giving surprise when we come bek from having buffet as i mentioned on last post
we wait untill 12am, off all the light, start sing the birthday song and the aii's candle.
very familiar with the candle?
we r very go green owes to use the same candle on all our birthday!
i wonder when the candle will finished :o
same, is aii aii holding it
she said she will holding it on her birthday too!
i think our neightbour will very pek cek omos everynight will heard the birthday song from same unit!
happy birthday, Jean!
i think she make 6 wishes ady liao~
hahahaha! our games time now~
use a red clothes to cover her eyes 1st
then, one of us bring her walk around the house so that we have extra time to prepared our own thing!
 we apply the lipstick and wanted to KISS on her face!
can u imagine that her face full of  our lovely KISS? hehhe
 da group photo 1st, without me
we just like gonna to have a show..LOL
have you ever see Siang Yee with lipstick?
here the result! become leng luiii oh!
she is available, anyone interested?
 the sausage lips goes to Cindy!
 like sakai aneh~but we enjoy with it!
im not ready yet..==''
the most hiao face of the night!
 especially Jc =D
the most funny of the night!
we laugh non-stop while help Ting to appy lipstick!
he laugh, i laugh, then come out a sausage lip! even appy on his teeth!
he laugh out loud when see his lip!
i think our neighbour have to complain again..XD
we r ready for KISSSSSSS!
1st, is me 
 followed by Cindy, the sausage lip
 liping's turn
Hiao Jc, this is not her 1st kiss
 Siang yee 1st kiss gv to Jean
 then, Aii Aii's turn
lastly, ah Ting wait for so long ady..
he kiss on her 'o ki'
 she keep complaint she been raped by many kisss
 oh yeah~ our art work
we dry for long time ady, now very crazy!
sorry for the video was not in right direction, pls turn ur head left to
 keep see her 'o ki'
she totally no idea with our surprise
da group photo of the night!
after all these KISS game, we off to bed as it was ady 1am something
all of us ady prepared for sleep, just she keep walk here n thr to find her present!
we told her we didn't buy present, she not believe and continue finding~
i don know she find untill wat
goodnight world~

**********Next day (26/10)************

we pakat ah Ting to bring her out
actually normally they will hang out, no nid to pakat
we use the balloon to decorate her room
start our preparation on evening~


1st time liping hold the camera~hahah!
so funny !
our artwork ;) nice? surprise?
hope you like it =D
feel very happy we success to decorate it very nice and colourful!
when they back, all of us hide inside her room and off all the light!
the camera girl
the sport light girl
the organizer
the cake and candle holder
the do nothing person
when she 1st enter to the room, she keep laughing thr..wat so funny?
bcos she sense that we got surprise for her, n she purposely late come in to the room
make us feel very hot inside the room!
laughing non-stop
happy birthday jean!
she claim that her bed just like 洞房
and very shocked see all the balloons!
success to make her surprise!
all our selca b4 we continue conduct our activities
the present for her
i like the shirt so much! damn cute!
actually, each of the balloons will have either mission and wishes
Jean can choose to broken the balloon that she like.
concentrate on guess who is that
liping finally catch the chance to prank her!
hiak hiak hiak
for sure, there are many activities from 6 of us too, but just i failed to upload the video..
if not, this post will more fun!
the girls of the night!
hope our relationship will stay strong till the end of life!
but last, the birthday girl have to sweep the floor..

anyway, happy hot & spicy 20th birthday once again to you!
sorry that i quite lazy to write ady, it was middle of the night n tmr i have 9am class!
goodnight world =D

stay tuned for Ting birthday surprise :)

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