Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Jean & Ting Birthday Celebration ♥

In this month, there's are 3 members birthday in my gang..Jc's birthday was past, now follow by Jean and Ting.. October really a pok kai month for me! ><
anyway, we have fun in each birthday and able to giving surprise to them!
n this post, gonna to write about their birthday celebration~
we decided to do it on the same day (25/10) becos their birthday just differ 3 days 
at 1st, we go to Berjaya Time Square Theme Park as we have the free ticket from capsule last time
so we decided to used it on celebrate both of their birthday, as a kind of relax from our mountain of assignments!
we are here!!! feel very excited! woootss!!
here we go~~~!
for sure, b4 play, is the capture time!
 take 1
 take 2
 take 3
im sure that every group of people will like to take this kind of photo, including us! =D
 the 1st thing have to do is, rent a locker to put all our bags, files and bottle
as usual, liping is 24 hours standby in front of camera XD
*actually is me pakat with her 1st..haha
there will have many lockers
can see the excited face? 
the 1st game we play! known as boom boom car
to warm up our body 1st before go for those irritate games!
using front camera, abit blur
queuing for the boom boom car
next, we go on for this game!
tadaa! this was my very first time to play, so i don knw how it is
we are like to take pic everywhere anytime~
this was kinda relax when it move very fast and feel cold.
but just inner part will bcome more oblique and you have to hold very tight, otherwise will lined to other sides
need a lot energy on it.
cute design for entrances of escalators
Jc was very excited n wait for this day coming for so long time ady!
so she was the very 1st person walk in front and guide us..lol
go up and play another games!
this is for children, ofcos we not going here!lol
next, challenge the space attack!
5 of them accepted the challenges!
this was quite scary for me, cindy and jean
so we no joining them!
they are leaving the earth surface! n keep turning 360 degree around 10 mins!
3 of us very happy to hear their screammmm!
haahaha!! see their face!
liping and siang yee was very brave!
why say so? bcos ting, aii and Jc played b4 so they have experience ady!
next, heading to play roller coaster! 
got 360 degree turning! omg!
Jean was very scared of roller coaster and try to run away, Ting pulled her hardly
but at last, she acceted the challeged! 
you r brave, Jean!
too bad so sad, we not managed to take picture b4 go in to roller coaster
it was not very safe as my seat belt not tucked in very well and open at the half way, same as Cindy
this make me more scared and almost cry out!
no more next time for me T^T
 i just wan reached faster and safely ><
finally, they are happy, i was worried TT
after rest for awhile, we continue to play few times the boom boom car 
finished those game at 6pm something, so we go to the restaurant that we had survey as we are damn hungry!
yes! we choose Suki-Ya as our dinner and also celebrate their birthday together
yea, it is a restaurant that served food in buffet style and some a la carte meals
as u can see in the photo, RM 39.80++ for dinner
including taxes and service charge will be around RM 46.20 per person
limit time: 120 mins
they served beef, chicken and lamb only!
they not allowed for do reservation, so we have to queue
the hostess service was very bad, but waiter was provide good service to us =D
it took around 20 mins to wait for our turn!
it was cheap compared to normal buffet style,and satisfied our stomach!
1st of all, the healthy bar is 1st saw in the restaurant and we all target the seafood taufu and cheese taufu!
then, follow the waiter to our table, the table quite small as here have 8 hungers!
2 pot of the soup, 8 set of cutlery, plates, sauces,and drinks placed nicely on table
each type of meat will given by 5 trays 1st, unlimited refill ;)
slices of lamb
slices of beef
slices of chicken
left side is Shabu-Shabu, right is KimChi flavour
 left side is Sukiyaki, right sides is Touyu Miso soup
the sauces
cold green tea
 few types of sushi, we didn't take much
the cheese taufu, meats balls, hot dog and many more
the like the meat balls very much! it taste very juicy! <3
soon, our table full of food
too bad too sad i forgot to take picture when we are eating, i was too hungry and focus on eating
got the reunion feel, just like a family gathering :)
feel warm and make me miss my family in kuching ;(
the only group photo
 we r squeeze squeeze all the night :0 but feel warm n happy :)
after we fulfill our stomach, we start doing something in order to make us digest more faster
record the funny video again
but i don know is the phone problem or human error
you have to turn ur laptop to watch this..lol
this is the 1st video we record and all of us was think for the idea and ready to have a good video, but at last, we scream like hell after watch the result..XD
so, the 2nd video been recorded
much more better lo..hehe XD
the 3rd video was taking when we are damn damn full ady
see our full faces

deng deng deng, surprise come!
we light up the candle on cupcake and give to the 2 main characters 
there are long story about borrowing lighter, make me damn embarrassed #.#
as Jean say, they are 龙凤胎
 bcos their birthday just 3 days differ
today just the pre-celebrated only
make  a wish
no! is 6 wishes!
 stay sweet, health, happy!
lastly, the group photo at outside
satisfied with the food, and service inside!

till then~
stay tuned for Jean and Ting's birthday surprise in my next post!
good night =) 

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