Friday, 18 October 2013

JC 's 20th Birthday

hmmm..actually this suppose to write on last week..but due to i had mountain of assignments so i failed to do so...hehe!
okay, let's start the main topic =D
its about my house-mate aka diploma-mate aka shortie in 38 geng aka best fren's 20TH BIRTHDAY!!
actually her birthday is on 04th Oct, but she requested from us  that she wan a super surprising birthday which make she unforgettable. last we decide to give her surprise on 03rd Oct and act like we remember her birthday is on 03rd Oct! *actually we know is on 04/10
the video record for wishes!
last minutes work, but full of LOVE 
due to this decision was make last minutes (1 hour b4 12a.m), we choose the moon-cake be her birthday "cake" XDD
the 'cake' that we haven finished that we bought on moon-cake festival..LOL
aii will be the one who holding the cake n light up
we go in to her room n start sing birthday song!
she was sleeping that time, n so shock! blur blur wake up by us!
she shocked that, we earlier one day celebrated with her
she angry that we remember wrong of her DOB
she beh tahan that we wake her up like this, in the middle of night!

okayy..after that, gonna to share the 'cake' n eat it!
that mooncake would be cut in 8 pieces!
i still remember it already 1:30am ady! and we still crazy here!
the night still young!
its very late ady n we still have morning class tmr!!!

******* 04/10 midnight *******
after persuade she go bek to sleep..we start our plan again...
we steal her bag by just now go in to her room, n change the bag to new!
the old bag and the ideas is come from aii!
we transfer her things into new bag and add in 'special gift'
 transfered success!!
inside the shoes box include a can of jagung, a can of beans, and a can of minced meat!
pack it with solotap and write wishes on top.
act like a real 'present'..LOL
a real present produced! success!
wait wait wait..!! still have many thing to do!
we use the small note pad to write our many many wishes and stick it on the wall at corridor..
see ur right side
see ur left side.
why a chair put at the middle? later u will know =D
the organizer
the camera girls
the helpers

not only this, all the thing that she will 1st seen in the next morning we oso got stick a pad on it~
such as......
the toilet bowl
the signage on wall and chair
the purpose is remind her to see at the back which stick many note pad on wall
her slipper 
normally she will wear this shoes
yaaa.this is the use of putting a chair at the middle
bcos Mr. ting had paste the note at a very very high area!
the telephone
on the floor..
normally she will cook the water when she come out to kitchen
normally she is the one who open the main door and unlock the lock for us
the Room 1 wishes!
the funny video again about all the wishes in da house
after finish all these crazy thing...
finally we off to the beddd~
its omos 2am
2 nights late sleep bcos of prepared her surprise ==''
group photo =)
20 years old ady laaaa!!

******* Early in the Morning*******
she finding her bag..hiak hiak hiak
due to the lack of time, cant even prank her more..
she said: she ady know wat is inside the box :0 
not fun at
wear like going to prom night
hahahah XDD
she totally believes that we remember wrong her DOB and keep emo as well as 碎碎念!
1st time cheating her success!!wooohooo! feeling great =D
the shortie :)
we having class untill 1pm and we purposely going to toilet before lunch..
another surprise at college!! we pakat with touirsm group by giving her the cake while we come out from toilet.. we sing very loud n make her sia soi! 
we all know her style which is run away, so that we oso clever than her n hold her body 1st!
as we have much time on the afternoon while waiting for our dinner time, we decide to watch a movie to spend our time!
its about a building that on fire, n how they survive!
super duper extremely nicee!!!
its around 7pm ady, we gonna to the restaurant that we had booked!
yes! its here!
think of wanna try for long time ady! finally here=)
good atmosphere, best services, super nice meals!
the bar
the menu
their signature sauces 
the 寿星婆 and her cutest roommate Liping
show the big plate pose
show the stupid face group :0
hmmmm...the phones are quite 抢镜
they reserved the big big table for us! 
actually we only utilize for half table only!
while waiting..selcaaa =)
we had order 2 set meals which enough for 8 of us!
sorry i forgot the named of set meals.. but i remember the price. 
big set meal which cost RM 109 with 5 large sides orders
the peri-peri chicken
the sides order.
super love the corn!!!damn sweet!
the 2nd set meal, RM 53 with 2 regular sides and 2 bottomless soft drinks
the chicken quite spicy for if eat many.
but taste not bad! will try for 2nd times! =D
after 30 mins agoooo....
tadaaaa!!! there's not a problem for us to finish within a short period time!
their promise
 take 1
take 2
photo of the day =)

after this, we went to a bistro for ASSIGNMENT purpose n also Shun Bian celebrate her birthday together!
cos we wanna bring bad her as she 20th years old, can do those crazy thing!

we went to a bistro named IL FARO which located at cross bridge from pavillion to KLCC
the bar itself..
quite a lot of people chit chating or gathering
we had order a tower of Carlsberg cost RM 95
they do provide hospitable services once we step in.
quite satisfied with this bistro and have much fun!
act like a boss
n this also is the 1st time Jc drink a glass of beer in her life!
nice experience :)
we drunk? no! just have fun!
another higg high photo!
turn ur head left n see this photo!
i don know is skill problem or the camera problem :O LOL
end this post with this funny video~

last but not least, i gonna to wish JC once again Happy Birthday! hope wont too late for this post..
it took me around 1 week to finish! ==''
n now, finally!
wish u happy forever and stay health!
all the best in ur study!
n the most important thing is! success to find a BOYFREN!!

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