Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Met my SPP ♥

What is SPP?
SPP = 三八婆
member: Yuki, Leerie & Chloe
Leerie continue her study at KL since last month.
she was not familiar the environment and transport,
so i decided to meet her at OneU
1st, iwas too miss her
2nd, my fren can, why i cant?
3rd, it was my very 1st time go so far alone
4th, i think i was too brave!
start my journey after finish class on saturday!
take monorial to KL sentral --> use LRT to Kelana Jaya line --> use public bus to reach OneU
it seen like so easy, but since it was my 1st time, so quite worried actually :P
worried about go wrong place or don know how to bek ==''

the public bus, U89 or U43 which can reach OneU
it was just so cheap! instead of taking taxi :0
it took around 20 mins to reach OneU
finally!!! i reach safely! *photo get from google.LOL
the 1st time we met is give each other a big big hug! <3
found a place and start chit-chatting!
i was order a 干捞面, not bad :)
went to met our long lost fren which work as part time at Top Shop
Hermes Tan @ Ah Sung
long lost is for Leerie, becos they really long time no see since 3 years ago
but for me, it was quite often, bcos we same uni! LOL
 went to shopping at Padini
she was lost weight again compared to last time!
hey, eat more girl!!
u r too skinny! i scare u will blown away by wind! lol
 again, selca!
finally we met! feel great :D
since it was too late, i overnight at her house!
having kolomee which cooked by her housemate! i miss kuching T^T
webcam with Chloe as we are long time din gather together.
got Limkokwing feel oh ;)
very de ugly...==
we chit chat untill around 1 am
have so much fun and laugh!

lastly, i'm glad that make the correct decisions which go OneU to met her!
have alot sharing and caring~
wish to have next gathering again!
maybe next time is she overnight at my hostel?
till thenn :)

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