Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Jogoya @ StarHill

Went to Jogoya at StarHill last week
with Aii's cousin, NiNi and her frens!
at 1st, me and aii totally don know they will bring us go whr eat..
n we are very worried that we bring not enough money and paiseh..
so plan here plan thr to go ATM take some money more safe!huuu~
it was located at 3rd floor of StarHill (opposite Pavillion)
when we reach, there are many people queuing in front desk! 
wow! scare me one jump!
as NiNi had booked our seats ady, so we not nid to queuing!
yeaaa! as u can see, there was 50% off for ladies!
 wow! a great promotion ever!
when i step in, there was mountain people mountain see!
really need to booked lo!
 given by the clip 
u can clip on the plate that the food need to wait, then they will send it to u
quite convenience!
fresh salmon, abalone and many more that i don know wat is that ==
fresh prawn, octopus
fresh clam, scallops
everything fresh fresh fresh!!
 this is wat me and aii take
one types take one, because we scare cant finish it :0
salmon is quite normal for us, but i like the clam! damn nice!
another plate of fresh~
abalone is very very nice and QQ
scallops add some sauce, like it so much =D
ermm..don know how to call this.but quite nice =D
this part is cooked
 we had take sweet corn but not sweet at all, sour somemore =='
lamb and cheese baked scallops! my favorite!
the big prawn, unagi, n scallops cooked in other way
aii very full ady, then she take half crab half prawn n one
dim sum part
the station is wide n many people order!
ha gao!!!wootsss!!!
very nice! the prawns are very fresh n Q!
i was too crazy for this!
take this coupon n redeem the coconut!
is desserts timee~~
a lots of kuih
Haagen Dazs ice-cream =)
Italy milk pudding
coconut pudding
mango pudding 
honey dew pudding 
strawberry cheese cake and almond cheese cake
my love! i ate this more than 10 sticks! 

last but not least, the group photo :)
sorry, i didn't take alot of picture, actually there still have many sections and others types of food~ 
but, it was a good experience and have a very full night!
thanks a lot to NiNi for treat me a nice and lots of food dinner!
really appreciated it :)
Jogoya, i will come again and bring my parents along!

hope you enjoy reading :)
goodnight <3

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