Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Second visit to Jogoya :)

had a second visit to Jogoya @Starhill with Auntie, Aii and Jc as follow auntie to early celebrate aii's birthday!
omg! i seriously have phobia to sushi!
this time would to introduce the food, cos i ady mentioned on the post that my 1st try..
actually is quite lazy to wrtie :0 hehe

 soon, our table full of foodss!
 this time will very different with last time, bcos we r lucky that the person sit beside table was gv us the coupon to get king crab!
as the king crab is for gentlemen only~!
so we r shocked and happy that we can try out crab!wootss!
i wonder why ladies cant having this? 
but, nvm, at least i got try and know how its taste!
 happy happy!
it was so nice!!
dessert time <3
see how she open the coconut ..LOL
not bad, we fully spend our 2 hours to enjoy all the food!
after that, ofcos is selca time in da toilet :)
need to do some activites b4 leaving~
jc, wat happen to ur mouth?
epic lol!
dinner partner of the night!
enjoy :)

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