Friday, 22 November 2013

Aii Aii's birthday ♥


actually i had procrastinated this post for so long ady as it happened on 2 days b4 13/11 which is my bestie birthday!
she was very lucky, has a mum that will come kl purposely for celebrated her birthday! how sweet it is?! 

continued to the post that second visit to Jogoya, when we reached home, the others gang member were prepared to gv her a surprise! on 2 days b4 her birthday!n this make she keep asked us 'why is today? why is today? ' why, becos we SONG! hiak hiak
i purposely ask she open the door, n they are stand by to by her the candle that we usually used n sing birthday song!
she quite shocked n we keep laugh!
after finish make the wishes n blew the candle, then dismiss..
she claim that: 'ha? like this only ha?'
we answer: ' a bu den? don expect too much k? '

the next day, outing with her cousin on night, then ofcos we have special surprise in her room!
but this time, she said don wan to scare by us again, she ask me to open the door..
ok! why not?
after open door, nothing happened....==''
don expect too much k? << keep telling her this!
by she going in to her room, she shocked again!hahaha!

 this is her bed look like!
楚嫒,生日快乐, 福如东海,寿比南山
hmmm..really worry about the double decker, but we still do so! 
we dismiss again after all the capture, n she feel tired off to bed so damn early!
its good for us, so that we can go on our plan more easily!
once reached 12:am, we sit around her bed while she sleeping!
actually is wanna sing birthday song to wake her up, but since she wake up herself, then we no choice! :0
=='' wat a big different happened in that 2 mins!
yesterday still claim that not enough right? 
hehehe!! here we go!
liping help to cover her eyes
actually there is a video to show how we prank her, but sorry that i cant upload it..
if not this post will very fun n interesting!
hahaha!! we laugh non-stop while watching she scared herself for so long!
n yet her mum was very happy join us too!
we like to gather on middle of the
here the costume, pattern and kitchen tools she used!
funny till the max!!
the missions include stand on the chair then sing birthday song to herself,
wear high heel and take kitchen tools to sing song and dance somemore,
apply marks on her face then talk to ' chao zhi bai' ,
wear high heel and dress to cat walk at corridor like model acting poses
take pan to acting Sailor Moon
lastly, group photo~!
all of us off to bed~
had chosen to ben's at pavillion 6th floor for the dinner on 13/11
fish and chip, beef sandwich 
cabonara, macaroni cheese
8 of us!!
seriously we like gathering, and our gathering r not that 低头族!
chit chatting and 38 is our nature!
no 38 no life! LOL
blueberry delight from coffee bean that she owes claim with us :0
our personal photographer owes goes to Mr. Ting!
end this post with the photo me and birthday girl :)
once again, happy 20th birthday to u!
wish u all the best in ur study and may dream come true!
stay sweet and happy!
thanks for treat me so good as ur sis
my life has much more colourful bcos of u make me laugh, angry, cry, disappointed!
thanks for everything that given to me!
hope our relationship will last long till forever!

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