Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dine at Sampling on the Fourteen

yes, had went to Sampling on the Fourteen last week with my gang..
it is located at the 14th floor of Berjaya Times Square
all the waiters and waitress are students who on going practical their services crew and also cooking skills
it also open for public
as we have to the lunch voucher which dine at thr, so we jio everyone to have lunch thr :)
actually we just finished our coffee theory and practical exam
actually my marks are not bad, but i still not satisfied, it just run out my expectation :'(
okay....its a past tense.. the Christmas is around the corner, the restaurant was decorated as Christmas theme!
the welcoming drink :)
a glass of cold water and mocktail

[ Appetizer ]
Prawn Cocktail Salad 

[ Main ]
Chicken Cordon Blue

Roasted Rack of Lamb

[ Dessert ]
Chocolate Mousse 

RM 28 per set (Appetizer+Main+Dessert)

i had ordered chicken cordon blue, becos i din't take lamb and beef
and sure aii will order lamb, bcos more worth? LOL..maybe :0
jc was not very satisfied with the lamb, bcos not fully cooked..this caused her stomach not feel well for few days :x
liping was very happy see many cheese inside the chicken
jean and amber 
just bek from kuching for few days holidayss!!
too bad so sad cindy couldn't join us :(
ah ting, with the stupid face and his chicken cordon blue..LOL

end this post at here
goodnight :)

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