Friday, 22 November 2013

Meet Daddy ♥

ya, my second time 'walk alone' at KL
last week, have go along to KLIA alone just to meet up my daddy for that 30 mins :0
bcos he has a trip to hong kong and transit at KL
so i using this time to meet up with him bcos too miss him :'(

woke up on 4.30am just to wake up that taxi driver to pick me to BTS
unfortunately, that driver din't answer my call =='' wth?
but, nvm, i call for other taxi and finally that reached BTS on 5am
i had accidentally gave RM 10 for tips to that driver T^T
buy klia transit ticket RM 18.60 by using Kad Siswa
wait alone at the station and feel scary~
feel cold, feel strange, feel helpless
very lonely right?
did u try b4?

it took around 30 mins to reached KLIA and its damn early!
1st time sleep at airport feel not bad
free aircond some more! =D
this December have to experience again :x

wait for my dad around 1 hour and finally meet him!
feel loved ♥
I  ♥ U , daddy!
have a safe trip and enjoy!
see u on December when im bek home!

feel happy, bcos had success meet up my dad
feel sad, bcos daddy leaving soon to hong kong
n i have to miss him again :(

although just that 30 mins, but its worth me to do so!
appreciated what i have now n done the thing that i wan to do!
no matter how hard it is :)

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