Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I - City :)

yaaa..last Saturday had heading to I-City with aii, her mum and little shortie :)
as aii's mum just reached KL afternoon, so aii decided to bring her go jalan jalan makan angin
me n little shortie just follow for fun :o but oso never been thr~
b4 that, we take our dinner at Meals Station @ KL Sentral
 Milk Tea 'gao gao' @ RM 3.40 *if not mistaken
Meals Fried Chicken @ RM10.90
i love this so much!!
the fried chicken very nice n tasty!
the overall combinations are extremely match!!
i forgot wat's this called, the fried chicken is same tasty
but the rice taste not good, very dry
RM 9.90 per plate
soup with bihun
taste normal :0
we enjoy our meal until forgot the time
it omos 9pm and we just depart to I-City
how to get thr?
go KL Sentral --> take ktm to Padang Jawa --> take taxi to I-City
RM 2.90 to Padang Jawa per way
borring inside the ktm..LOL

it took around 30 mins inside train, and around 10 mins to reach I-City if there was no traffic jam
 but, the taxi driver really expert in do business!
no use meter, but straight gv a price!
RM 12 for going I-City
but i think if using meter to calculate, for sure wont over RM 12 even though thr was a bit traffic jam!
using short-cut some more ==''
okay, reach the i-city and 1st saw is this!
u can see all the trees are full of light!
colourful trees
the map

many photo to gooooo~

money tree
da Christmas tree!!
the 3 little mushroom :)
the red carpet
Micheal jackson
we r here!!

scary? noooooo..
we r just like superstar!
walk on the red carpet some more =D

we walk around for around 1 hour then have to say bye bye..
cos we still have to take ktm bek and yet it is close b4 12am
take the expensive taxi that cost RM 20!
n the taxi driver are not wearing uniform, when he bring us to his car, we all shocked when see the mirror was black! cant even see through inside!
wow! such a good and professional taxi!
we just pray hard he not bring us to sell! LOL
we rushing, run here n thr to take all the lastest ktm, lrt to reach BTS
huhhh~lucky we still able to take the last train..

end this post with group photo :)
have so much fun in the night!
nice experience, but no more next time
very scary for taking lastest train!

till then :)
good night world <3

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