Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Food Hunting at Melaka ♥

helloo everyone!!
how's life?

this post is all about FOODSSS at Melaka!
wootss!!feel great =D

heading to Melaka as a day trip with Aii's mum and stupid girl :)
going to BTS bought the bus tickets, RM 13.40 per person
3 of us :)
ready to go!
the bus seats was very comfortable~
it took us 2 hours to reach Melaka sentral

once we reached, we start our food hunting!
1st, Chicken Rice / Ball
Mix steam and roasted chicken
match with either chicken rice or ball
next, we had ordered a side order as it is one of the signature meal!
spicy sotong!
RM 12 per plate
really spicy!

2nd, Milk Crepe
at Nadeje Cake Shop
Cheese Crepe
RM 9.50 per slice
Original Crepe 
RM 9.50 per slice
this was extremely nice and you must try while u visit to Melaka!
it was owes full house no matter weekdays or weekend!
very exaggerate? 
noooo..totally is real!!

hence, we order drinks match with our crepe! 
perfect match!
left: Raspberry White Choco Latte RM 8.90
middle: Blue Ocean RM 5.80
right: Red Moon Light RM 5.80
guess whose drink it that?
Aii with her Raspberry latte
auntie with her Red moon light
n me with my Blue ocean 
nice atmosphere, tasty crepe and delicious drinks!
we r happy ladies!

3rd, Coconut Milk Shake and Durian Cendol
coconut milk shake, RM 3,can found at Jonker Street
it is quite nice for me!
and Durian cendol can found at road side, RM 3.50
i don know how its taste due to i din eat durian, but auntie said it is nice :)

4th, Mango Milk Ice
located at the same shop lot of satay celup
the ice is milk taste, n the mango sweet till the max!!
RM 8.40
nice nice!

5th, Satay Celup
the signature sauce!
this is the one that attract variety of customer far away from home just wan to try!
it is special if u din't try b4
 the sauce just like the satay sauce
thr are many ppl queuing outside the shop b4 the shop is open!
wow! can u imagine that how nice it is?
RM 0.90 per stick
just like lok lok
can have a try!
end our food hunting at here!
n bek home with full stomach!

the group photo of food hunting member!
have a nice trip with them~
thank for everything that given to me :)

till then~
goodnight world :D

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