Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Reunion, 181213

1st of all, i gonna apologize to my reader which i didn't updated my blog for quite a long time, due to my house's internet was broken..
and now, im sitting inside Jing Si Book's & Cafe rushing for writing my blog and make a wonderland ending for 2013
this post gonna share about food hunting aka reunion with my gang which return bek to out diploma college and get our form of graduation on next year February... imma excited for my convocation!
after that, we continue to our food hunting since we plan for a long time and everyone squeeze squeeze arrange arrange one day time, so it goes on 181213 =D

the 1st stop is, Tempayan, a restaurant we owes went to have lunch if we lazy to go out and a MUST breakfast!
3 flavour of mee daddy (mamak, curry, original)
Gralic bread
giant teh tarik which seperate into 2 cup (as request)
the main 3 food which MUST ordered!
half way met my dajie! who same class for few subject
don know why, i like to bully her
and it will make me so happy! hahahah!
nagged she for help up taking group photo!
da group photo outside Crown square
super love their Christmas Decor!

2nd stop goes to Imperial duck, had strongly recommended by Cindy that their dim sum was very nice! especially the Shang Hai Xiao Long Bao! very nice and juicy!
had ordered this 3 dim sum and make us omos full! but it was 2 stops only ==''
we are just like 老朋友谈论世间

3rd stop is Shong Ken Hai Market, we went thr for one purpose which is craving for the Kong Piah!
taste no change, owes the best =)
untill here, we are veru full ady..
say wanna food hunting? malunyaaa~~
we decide to go Bryan new house to spend our afternoon!
the 1st thing we will do for sure is capture here and thr!
everywhr is the beautiful place for us!
staircase somemore!
the girl's nature owes is very powerful!
playing poker, playing GTR, watch On Call 36 hours 
we spend our afternoon happily! 
sometime we r childish, naughty, 
but the most important is, we be ourself and be happy!

next stop, went to Howdy to have our romantic dinner <3
the 8 of us who study at kl together
the only one, Bryan who stay at kuching alone, the speical case..LOL
and the photographer of us
nahhh, bryan, don say me not good to u, ur big big selca
these are the food we ordered
heard they said, every meal was very nice and they love it!
thanks the chef let us having a great dinner!

after that, i went bek earlier bcos im gonna send my mum to grandma house..too bad so sad couldn't join them for the next stop! but nvm, i had a unforgettable dating with them with full of laughing and sharing!

this gonna is my last post of 2013, so sad that i not managed to finish all my 2013 post b4 it ends as i wish too :(
the end of 2013, thinking of wat i had done in this whole year, 
wat's all the happiness, wat's all the sadness, wat's all the stressness 
thanks GOD giving me alive with full of feeling so that my life bcome colourful and meaningful!
so glad that i had a bunch of best fren, glad my family all healthy and happy
appreciated all i have now and work hard to achieve my dream!
HELLO 2014, pls good to me :) same goes to all my frenss!

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