Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HELLO 2014 :)

HELLO 2014!

Finally i have wi-fi to continue writing my post! it have been delay for long time T.T sorry peepss
although its a brand new year today, but i still wanna to post the things about last year :)

1st, went to watch White Storm as recommended by many frens, 191213, CityOne @GSC
while waiting for the time, we bought a XXL Fried Chicken chop@RM 6.50 and seafood tempura@RM 6
although often ate at KL, but i still love it!

2nd, went to Sanga Sushi craving for Salmon! 211213
bfore that, went to Boulevard and i saw a balloon snow man!
it was kinda cute man!!

when i reached Sanga sushi, it was quite crowded and omos full house..
due to me n dear only, so we only sit at the side bar, bcos most of the table are for 4 pax.
it was so hard to choose wat to eat, finally i saw a small brochure at side table and i ordered this
Sakura Bento @ RM 35
and the taafu rice which my dear love so much!
the salmon real thick and fresh!
love it very muchii!
faster go and try!
our selfie =)

3rd, Liping's Kolomee, Xin Cheng, located at Green Road, opposite Chong Lin Plaza, 221213
went with my family early in the morning! bcos it gonna finished on 8am something! very early right?!
for me, it was very nice!
tasty and i like the way they cooked
owes plan when will go for 2nd time!
i never knew my fren's papa can cooked such nice kolomee and never go try..
can have a try :)

4th,Winter Solstice Festival, 221213
had make the tang yuan with mum and auntie this year, feel warm and chinese new year coming soon!
tadaaa!!  very colourful tanyuan!

5th, met my SPP@ Chloe and decide to go Rumah Hijao, 231213
as she request that wanna eat Ayam Penyet and i order a Banana Cheese @ RM 5
hmmm..quite special combination
but for me it just taste normal :0

6th, Bing! to continue 38-ing @Green Height, 231213
Brownies @ RM 6
a MUST to eat b4 bek KL

7th, sewed a little Christmas tree and a simple sock!! 241213
hmmm..the very 1st try, not bad :o

8th, went to Bing! again on 241213 for Christmas Eve with my dear
due to all the restaurants have been booked, no place to go ><
have a simple Christmas eve night with him <3

9th, went to Qing San Yan, a temple with nice scenery, 251213
with my dear's family
go pai pai and walk along while enjoy the beautiful scenery 
spend my Christmas like this :o
had try out this taofu hua! RM 4 per cup, located at 101
it was damn nice!
really ru kou ji hua!!

10th, Sing k with le gang, at K-11, The Hills, 261213
da big group!
we requested one more mic as we have many ppl, but they say need seperate room then will give..
wat a funny answer? seperate room? then wat for we gather together in a room?
i fren say, why don we 2 person own 1 room then will have enough mic? funny neh
anyway, have so much fun with them!
still the same ppl, same voice, same childish, same heart, and same si pattern!

11th, straighten my hiar, 271213
b4 and after
hmmm...i know not much different, but not that messy compared to b4 :0

12th, brought my bro to watched Frozen that he keep nagged me! 271213
had banana liping, amber and her bro together!
the weird combination ever!
nice cartoon movie, luckily wont waste my money to watch

13th, went to watched police story with family! 281213
bought the ticket yesterday the movie start on 9.50 pm
b4 that....
mama n papa go try the rest and go..
look relax yaaa~
owes love Jackie Chan's movie! although many ppl say not nice, but it was worth for me!

14th, went to spring with dear, actually we just wanna window shopping only..291213
my dear suddenly brought me to starbuck and treat me drink :)
at the same time, he applied a member card for himself
this mean wat? means i have countless drinks from starbuck! yeah!
a sharing night with lovely boyfie, make us closer :)

15th, brought my bro to his secondary school for register..301213
suddenly felt myself so old ==''
after that, went to breakie, 7th mile
the is fish, meat ball and prawn soup @RM 5
i'm loving with the fish ball!

16th, nagged my boyfie bring to a cafe which have wi-fi bcos im rushed for writing my post b4 2013 ended! 311213
so he brought me here...JingSi Book's & Cafe, Padungan Road
nice atmosphere, comfortable environment
a laptop, a cup of cafe latte, start my blog....
along the way bek home~
 thanks for loving me, caring me so much for these 3 more years
wat i want, u owes will gv me, owes be my listener, best audience
thank you very much, my lovely boyfie
wishing u all the best in ur career, earn more money n achieve ur dream~
stay healthy and happy forever~
2014 will be a good year for u :)

last but not least, hope all the blogger, readers have a blessed 2014 and dream come true!
stay sweet, health and happy :D

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