Monday, 6 January 2014

Da Big Family

hello peepsss!! how's life?
i wish everyone in good, healthy and happy life =D

on 4th Jan, had a BBQ with diploma classmates and lecturers!
and it make me had a happy ending for my sem break :)

the organiser, Mr. Ting decided BBQ at my house~
on that day, they gather at Kuching Sentral for bought those ingredients and me in charge of bought chicken wings and 'yan' it..
bcos still early, they sit at living room chitchating as we long time no see the Jason!
Jason bcome more 'fat' n handsome nahh!!
my dad help us to burn up the fire and these are while waiting for peng..haha
although it raining, but we r still so enjoy in bbq here...hehe
feel warm and sweet bcos we just like a big family <3
tadaaa!! after finish bbq, we continue inside my house and capture here and thr!
*hmmm..if can just ignore the background :o
big big love to this photo!!

they stay quite a long in my house and play poker card with my dad until 11.30pm!
after that we go to BDC for had a simple supper as i keep nagged them! hehehe!
have so much fun with them!

she is my diploma lecturer, but we more like best fren
i love her teaching skills and knowledge
love the way she talk
love her smile and laughing
she brings alot of knowledge and info to me
thank you, Ms. Chai, u r the best!
hope we have another gathering again!

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