Friday, 17 January 2014

Batu Caves@Thaipusam Festival

helloooo!! although bek to routine omos 2 weeks ady, hmm...still in holiday mood LOL 
i know that this sem gonna to be very busy, but i still very relax now.. :o
on February, i will be a superwomen fly here and thr~
on CNY, going bek hometown 2 weeks!
after that, fly to Sibu for my diploma convocation! hahahaxx
imma excited for the February!

okayy..bek to my topic, today is Thaipusam festival, so that we have to go Batu Caves as the requirement of our assignment..
woke up at 5am and queued at the ktm station for quite a long time
damn early!
all of us are very sleepy!
stand for more than 30mins inside ktm bcos it was full of ppl! not enough seats :(
when we reached, thr are so many ppl queuing for buying return ktm tickets! 
people mountain people sea! 
early in the morning, luckily the weather quite good :s 
 we not managed to go upstairs bcos as the pic shown, it crowded all the way 
hmm..sorry i don know how to described 

alright, these all the thing i have bcos really hard to capture nice photos
i had gain new experiences and know more about Thaipusam
after that, we sudden decide go to petaling street as we transit at Kuala Lumpur station and its just nearby pasar seni station by having our breakfast ~
ordered bowl of meat porridge and a plate of steamed chicken~
try the mua chi which very famous at petaling street 
and the toufu hua put toufu sui
very nice! 

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