Tuesday, 18 February 2014


although it was too too late to said this :x
hope HORSE YEAR will be a good year for all of u :)

first of all, apologize to all my readers that i have procrastinated many post b4 new year untill now due to im very busy in this month...
busy new year for 2 weeks, busy rushing assignment for few days and busy attend my convocation in sibu few days!
wow! its a very full beginning of the horse year!!

on that day, they reached my house by 10am sharp! come my house 1st as i requested :D
the group photo for the 1st house :)

next stop, Cindy house =D  
start capture with the 'orange'
we going to have lunch at jalan song as we all hungry ady..
unfortunately, my sport kenari broke down not in the right time :(
call my super daddy for safe me T^T
thanks them for acc me in the hot sunny day!
waiting for omos 1 hour and finally sport kenari was recover~

next stop, Jc Sie Kiu house XD
go jc house will have a lot of cheese cake!!

next next next, Jean house~
quite crazy at her house bcos all of us warm up our body ady!

next next, Siang yee house~
1st time visit her house, love this pic bcos of the pumpkin!hahaha

next next house, Bryan house~
playing around the staircase and piano
this is the last stop for me as i have a dinner on night, but they still continue to visit~

Liping house/shop, the last two stop~
the famous kolomee in kuching is here!

last stop, Ting's house!
love the lighting, too bad so sad i didn't take pic of thr!
some of them keep change their profile pictures ==

okay, sorry for the less description on it, but i think the pictures tells everything :)
a happy day spend with them and for sure it will continue forever!
cheers for our frenship!

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