Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cindy Jia Jia's Birthday

oh yeahh! the second birthday baby in this year is our Cindy princess!!
went to Caffeinees Heritage as our dinner..
it just near to Berjaya Times Square and beside the highway..
we kidnapped her after class
like the atmosphere and environment, very peace and romantic
as usual, capture and capture and capture be4 the meals is come
this is our 1st time so early eating western food..lol
and we finished it within 15mins!! can see how hungry we are~
actually i din ordered any course as i still very full at that time, so i just order a dessert bcos it was too attractive!
flaming strawberry brownies 
when this come, we sing birthday song and cindy tot that this was the birthday cake for her!
hahaha! its mine, cindy..hahaha 
wishing somemore~ u have waste ur 3 wish ady~hahaha
and this, is the real cake for u la~
i know ur 1st wish is bcome more rich! 
ps: don dream la cindy~ money wont come itself..hehe
hey my dear Cindy, u r pretty while ur smile is owes on ur face
keep it and maintain it till forever
wish u stay happy, healthy and sweet with us!
wish u all the best in ur study, get 1st class result
cheer for our friendship :)

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