Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fasching Night

hell yea, throwback post again for my final practical exam in Sampling which we are required to organized an event, we decided to organised a carnival theme event which named Fasching, a German Carnival..
a new experience ever and served with German cuisine that night.
we planned, discussed, advertised, held pre-event, proposed and everything done by us which caused conflict between each others sometime, but we still are a best team!
but 1st, let me introduce my group member
all of us are not local, from Sarawak, Korea, Germany and Bangladesh
we r very international nehh..hahah 
 a very brief explanation about wat we had done b4 the event
designed the poster, and menu 
by attached on the notice board around campus, uploading on student portal and facebook page
tickets designed: special for Mdm. Mae and assessors
normal for guests
Pre-event (week 8 & 9)
sold German dessert - Berliner (left) and Amerikaner (right)

during Fasching night
this event are prepared omos 3 months plus, on that day, we are very nervous and tension
decorating since morning, prepared cutleries, arrange table, table setting, PA system
all these thing have to done by the time our lecturer had set!
and finally, the result are out after our hard work :)
the decoration of the night
simple balloon with ribbons tie on the ceiling, centre piece with flower garland, wistle and candle, using white and red napkin
actually we had combined with culinary team as they are having practical exam too, so the event will have additional cocktail party b4 the dinner..
wow! served with various types of finger foods and snacks!!
very steady and sequence, the food look delicious!!
we r very hungry but then we dont have time to eat, pity us T.T
Mocktail in progresssss...
a small photo booth with props at entrance
the signature board
 okay, im the host, which had to act as clown on that night
 the 1st time in my life and oso the last time ==
bcos, YOLO
sorry for those who are not able to capture due to the busyness and i only can find 4 of this...the servers and Ting will the assistant manager of the night 
when all the guests seated, the dinner started :) 
ps: picture steal from Cindy :P
Appetizer - Salted fillet of Hering in Sour Cream with Boiled New Potapoes
Soup - Hamburg Lobster soup
Main course - German Style Mashed potatoes and Apples served with Pickled Beef and Chicken Sausage
Dessert - Vanilla Custard with Fruit Compote 

photo timessss :D
top: Mdm. Mae and her guests with clown
bottom: assessors with clown
 capturing from table from table!
they are soooo awesome!! :D
the biggest group from DHM

first of all, i would like to thanks all the guests who spent their time to attend this event..hope u all do enjoy the night! THANK YOU VERY MUCH

then, a million thanks to Mr.Ikram, helped and teach us alot alot of thing! without u, the event would not held smoothly and i think we will fail this subject and see u next sem again! LOL
we would always remember what u had told us as well as the way u talk with us!
lousy, stupid, new version of start service!LOL

next, another million thanks to those who help service on that night - Michael, Jason Liew, Jason Walter Tan, Ah Tan, Ah Yao, Fion and Qi Ping, KM and his fren, Jean and Cindy..
thanks for willing to help us on everything and u ppl really did good job! 
32 likes for all of u :D

lastly, thanks so much to my team members, so called international rojak team!

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