Monday, 31 March 2014

4th Anniversary, 10.03.14♥

oh yeah~! this post gonna to post about my anniversary!
it has been 4 years together with him, my lovely superman
purposely booked a flight ticket flying bek for celebration :) actually he also booked flight ticket secretly come kl here a a surprise for me, ya.. the issue occured here...either he give up his ticket or me throw mt ticket...hahaha!!
默契太好也不是件好事 :o

on 08/03, decided to Damai Beach for our dating vacation...
no much surprise, just a simple dating between me and him..
so called 两人世界 :)

as the mystery present, i sewed our date on a couple pillow as well as a crown and tiara on the other side
it took me 2 weeks to finished it bcos im busy for doing assignments also..
owes sewed on midnight and it was worth for me to do it :D
bring bek to kuching and gv him surprise!
surprisingly he love it so much and match with his new car~
photos took when we on the way to damai beach..very fun and so much sharing all the way..
one hour journey, and finally we r reached!
a very sunny day
feel very relax and enjoyy 

after swimming, had our simple lunch at Damai Central food court
i love the banana cheese very much! plan to go for 2nd just bcos of this! hehe
it was very nice and blessed can spend time with the love one and temporary no nid to think about those stressful thing...
although is a very simple dating, but its meaningful :)
walking around and take photos by remembered our special date
hey superman, you know, i cant stop to love you everyday..
im blessed and lucky that i have u by my side 
always support me, caring me, giving me the best.. 
thank you very much my dear superman
hope we love each other last forever 
fight for future together
stay sweet, happy and most important stay healthy

nothing gonna change my love for u 

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