Saturday, 29 March 2014

Day trip to Putrajaya

after come bek from my graduation at Sibu, the following day we need heading to Putrajaya as assignment purpose..
at 1st i was not very willing to go, but when i reached there, i refused what im thinking at beginning..
it was out of my expectation and even loving the place!
how to get thr? very easy and convenience!
use KLIA transit to Putrajaya/cyberjaya station -> take public bus RM 0.50 per destination (bus available on every half and hour)
on the way to city, we were shocked and unbelievable for the environment which very peaceful and clean
feel very comfortable and relax 
hey peopless, look at this two picture and did u notice something different?
yea! there's no gate at all surround their house!
few of questions come in my mind: they no need to avoid the theft?
how can so peaceful until no gate at all?
imma just like a shua deng ka go to a city that i never been ==''
and also feel like if my phone drop at somewhere, also nobody will take it.. :o

1st stop, TWP (Taman Warisan Pertanian)
its a agriculture garden with well maintenance 
feel very happy bcos of reached the destination safely ..
it was a very sunny day! hot die us and we had only one umbrella ==''
spend one and a half hour to explore the garden, after that heading to another destination
on the way to Botanical Garden, we last mins decided to stop at here
the only one shopping mall in Putrajaya, Alamanda
spend another 1 hour here for shopping as well as enjoy the aircond..haha
next stop is Botanical Garden
3 of us rent a bicycle to explore this garden bcos it was quite big area and if u walk, definitely will tired die!
one hour RM 4 per bicycle
ride around the garden and visit Morocco and terowong bunga kertas
is a very nice environment for picnic, gathering with the love one
as well as exercise
while on the way bek, we see the Perbadanan Putrajaya and we suddenly stop here again
反正都来,不妨再走走看 :P
 another place that make us feel very relax and shocked while see the construct of building
 infront of the Perbadanan Putrajay, there a big field that many of people picnic or just sit down chit chating with family..for sure its was photooo timesss!!
photooo againnn
visit Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin that just behind the Perbadanan Putrajaya
if u r not wearing complete means short pants, slippers, you have to wear their jubah by enter in as respect..
yeaa, this is the last stop at Putrajaya

nice experiences, great environment, peaceful place
definitely will go for second time and continue explore those attractions!

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