Friday, 21 March 2014

Long Lost Gathering

oh yea, it have been long time we dint hang out together, gather together, laughing together and sharing together...
it have been lost for few years..
from we r still students to teenager and now we r officially adults..
secondary school frens have been gather together at that night

went to alfresco to have an wonderful dinner with them and change to another place for continued our long lost story :)
although we spend the whole night for each other, its still not enough...
too much story wanted to share, too much laughing wanted to LOL
long time dint meet, for sure we r crazy for capturing!
inside and outside alfresco
the laughing still very loud, the conversation still very rude
the same pattern, the passion :)
more photos to gooooooo
some of us working, further study, looking for uni
all of us grown, look mature, positive thinking, have own dreams, fight for future
next station, the junk
they know im student has no much money, they even treat me drinks
how good they are :) ehehe
keep in touch ya, stay happy forever girls!
wait me bek for another gathering!
whr is the next stop?

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