Saturday, 15 March 2014

1st Graduation in My Life ♥

oh yeah! hello blogger! how's life?
gonna to post about my 1st graduation in my life which held at Sibu :)
1st time attend convocation was damn awesome! 
with my lovely family and dearest boyfie 
then, also is my 1st time celebrate Chap Goh Meh and Valentine day at different town~
as this two big day are crash together (02/14)

on 15/02 morning, woke up at 6am and start prepared ady..
thanks for cindy's fren, hee hee help us do a simple make up~
we are help each other to wear the gown!
oh gosh! it was taking so much time on wearing gown!
finally finish wearing the gown n it was look nice!
b4 enter to the hall
waiting waiting waiting... abit nervous :o
oppss! focused on wrong camera ><
the moment, just the few seconds,
feel so different and heart beat so fast!
after finish, the 1st thing is capture with my lovely family!
thanks papa mama n grandma <3
thanks for giving me all the support and love..
u all r my motivation for keep moving and fight for future!
as well as my cousin, Tiffany and Aaron,
thanks for ur flower and bear i love it so much!
for sure, is the group photo times!
we r just like super star keep on posing and infront of us have so many camera man n girl!
can heard the sound of ka ca ka ca!
officially graduated!!
congratzz to all of u!
with all the parents except mine as they go bek hotel for prepared check out :(
next, thanks my dear for supporting me all the way,
purposely come here for attended my convocation..
thank you very much :)
lastly, thanks myself for dont give up half way again,
thanks myself for complete study diploma successfully
and congratz to myself!
now, gonna to fight for my degree
and i swear i will attend my 2nd graduation in my life successfully!
jia you!

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