Friday, 23 May 2014

My 22th Born Day :D

first of all, a million thanks to LOVELY MUM AND DAD for giving me birth on 11/05/1992 which i really love this date very much!! thanks alot for support me all the way, take care me for 22 years! and now im become a healthy and happy adult with lots of love <3 <3 

be4 fly bek to KL, Mum had cooked 2 eggs for me and chicken drumstick as Chinese traditional is like this.
this is the best birthday present in the world! 
nothing can replace it and im feel warm when i woke up in the morning and saw this on table :)
how strong the love from mama
not only this, my dad oso did something that he never even did b4 to me!
he curi curi put money in my card holder and dint told me..
after reach KL he just told me he got hide something inside my bag and find it out!
LOL! how cute is my dad! hahah
papa and mama always always are the best of the best!

alright, skip to my celebration with le gang at Fish&Co, Pavillion
okay..they plan to give me surprise but actually i ady know they wanna celebrate my birthday b4 i heading to Penang! hahhaha! since last night i ady plan to wear sui sui le!
#but 1st, let me take a selfiee! oh no, is 4 selfiess
 im in a good mood bcos i received a good news early in the morning!
okayy..skippp we are!
im been cheated by ting bcos he told me Pavillion had one restaurant offer their fish fillet at RM7++ only! and ofcos i been attracted! LOL
all the decoration is fish theme, very nice environment!
provided with live band somemore!
you can like their Instagram and get free drink by purchase one of the main course!
pattern with the fish shape under liner
so so creative!!
 as usual, photo photoss everywhereee! not going to introduce the meals bcos all are fish fish fish with different flavour and sauces only!!
they love to eat too not only me...accept aii aii, she only ordered a piece of cake
thanks alot for the sacrified!!
 after that, suddenly cindy call me loudly and i feel weird as i just sit beside her!
yuan lai is wanna let the live band know which one is me and wish me happy birthday!
followed by the saxophone player come closer to play the birthday song! wow! he was so awesome!!
and another staff send me the cake!
hahahah!! im and very shocked they do this again as last 2 years celebrate at senso my gang also requested the singer to sing birthday song to me!
alright, i like it and enjoy, pls continue next year and following year yaa~~

group photooooss~~
they are so happy they can balance their hand by posing double peace to show im 22 years old!! LOL proud to be 22 now, its not old, its just the time start my career journey~
okay!! i had a great night with all of you and thanks alot for all the preparation!
there's nothing able described my love to all of you and it will be all in my mind and heart deeply :)
sorry for all the mistake i did to you all, maybe sometime i very 讨人厌 or hurt you ppl.. im here to say sorry and please forgive me..
dont hesitate to tell me if i done anything wrong..i will improved myself to a better one!!
love yaaa <3 <3

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