Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Back to Hometown during sem break [08/08-19/08] Part 1

after the previous post, i straight skip to my recent activities which is bek to HOMETOWN@KUCHING!! finally leave the "hell" place after 4 months, now is the turn for holidaysssss!!
imma excited+happy to back homeeeee =D
our luggage and selfie ~

after take taxi and reach Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS) so called bus station for taking KTM to reach KL Sentral, when aii n me are very happy see the train coming, next second our face just like trollll face!!WTH?? damn many ppl inside the train! *too bad not manage to take picture of that moment
ofcos we carry the luggage don't think of wanna squeeze with them so wait for second time..but we scared of not in time, so we waste the RM 1 and exchange to LRT cost us RM 3 per person... after transit from Masjid Jamik to KL sentral for sit the air bus...finally we reach LCCT~huh~
inside da planeeee =D
one thing make me n aii very pek cek is the person who sit behind us keep shake our chair n make us feel wanna kill ppl! one is child n one is women! sighhhhhhh
our pek cek face #@#$%^@%*
Once reach Kuching, the 1st thing must do is...heading to eat Kuching KOLO MEE!!
waiting for this moment so long ady T^T
the 2nd thing is.. CUT my messy hairrrr~
tadaaaa~~ su hu~
went to the salon that i most prefer @ RIGI II
my dear oso follow me cut his hair..hehehe
*ps: i know my face still look big,but i like:)
after done the hair cut, start dating with my dear and heading to CityOne Shopping mall~
our selca <3

 my dear treat me Baskin Robin ice-cream XDD
2 big scoop cost RM15 and small scoop cost RM10
not bad, but just too sweet :x 
after that, when to Summer mall with dear's family and having dinner at pizza hut =D
Summer Mall is quite big and luxury, many branded shops are there and the food court is colourful!
im waiting for the opening of Water Park...hehe=D
the 3rd thing is...BEACH!!!!! bcos of the beach in KL was very far, so im quite crazy of this..hahahaXDD
the 1st round : my dear with fren
 2nd round : me n dear
 3rd round : me n aii
the da last : romantic pic with my love <3
Beach is the place which can make me feel free, relax and fresh!XD
the 4th thing is...Seafood dinner!! went to Top Spot and order from Ling Lung Seafood Restaurant~
sambal sotong, carry "charcoal", au jian, salt prawn
all is my favorite!!satisfied! 

okay...today stop at here..still many to go for my sem break holidayss!! 
hope u enjoy reading~
stay tuned =D

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