Friday, 30 August 2013

Melaka & KL Trip :D [Day 1]

Last few days was my dear and his frens coming KL find me for 6 days 5 night, and we had decided heading to Melaka for 2 days 1 night as my dear never been there and me been there 12 years ago :0 my dear came on Friday night which omos 8pm reach KL..n me waiting him at KL Central for sure! =D
no more missing, bcos he is just beside me! *as posted on FB
alright, this post gonna have many pictures instead of words..
bcos, pictures mean everything you wan to tell :)
after checking-in the hotel and put bags, we r going to find some food bcos its omos 9pm ady and we not having our dinner yet.. we went to Jalan Alor which is the famous street in KL..
taken while walk along the street and waiting for the food..XD
tadaaa!! this the food that we order..tomyam seafood soup, baby kailan and chicken with alcohol (don know the actual name)
after finish having dinner, we go to Pavillion and wish to shopping awhile..unfortunately, it was 10pm and closed ady :(
but nvm, we still have many times and days :)
the only activities that can do at that time is taking photossss!! for sure!! =D
actually still have many more photos, but i just random pick fews only..
my dear's frens was working at here and wanna find him lim teh, so that we waiting him in front of Pavillion..
the only activities goes to taking photoss againnnn..hahahxx
long time no see but we still have so much thing to talk and play with.. 
i really enjoy the every moment with him <3
waiting for his fren by omos 1 hours bcos he was driving and its very traffic jam =X
he bring us to a cafe which located at Cheras so called In House Cafe..
is a cafe which have good environment, atmosphere, their interior design was quite comfortable..
many teenagers gathering together and somehow couples dating at here..quite many people especially in the midnight~
we chit-chating and limteh untill 2pm and then he send us bek to hotel..
we are quite tired ady, once reach the hotel then straight off to the bed and say good night :)
The next morning, my dear woke me up for limteh and having breakfast..i was very sleepy that time but no choices :0
eh?? the shirt and pant look similar izit?
ya..its my dear's shirt n pant bcos last night i din't bring changing clothes so this will be my pyjamas :S
ok..skip the ugly look~
yaaaa..early bird will have worms eat =]
porridge and teh c
after that, we go bek to hotel for packing, 
is time to go TBS for taking bus to Melaka!
our ticket =)
RM 11 per person
we are quite lucky bcos we just need wait for 10mins for departure..
still have time to selca somemore... XDDD
this is our bus from TBS to Melaka
once enter the bus, hot air flor blow to me, i tot its just the driver haven start the bus and on the air-cond yet..
after 10 mins...20 mins...30 mins...
everyone claim hot and a person go infront ask for open high speed of air-cond, but the driver said the air-cond was not function...wth??
totally like sauna inside the bus for 2 hourss!!kill me plsssssss :(
everyone were hot and keep complaint 
gentle reminded, better don take this bus or else you have to check their air-cond whether is in good condition or not..
after 2 hours, finally we r reached!! and leave the sauna bus =.=''
we took public bus for going red house which is central of Melaka..
RM 1.50 per person..
even the air-cond of public bus was much more better than that bus...haizzz~~
on the way to red house, we saw this...游神..very spectacular!
sorry for the pictures which took half half only..bcos im taken inside the public bus :0
Welcome to Melaka @ the World Heritage City 
im proud of it =D
jiang jiang jiang jiang!!!! we r reachedddd!! 
there are many people taking photos and sit around ~ 
many beca with different decoration are queuing along the road and stall that sell clothes, slipper, souvenir and many more. 
i love this windmill very much!!!! <3 <3
the river of Melaka~
we found this at the middle of pathway and we play around with this guitar =D
Hard Rock Cafe
the behind is 郑和宝船 :)
Jonker street!!
start the Jonker Street with a coconut!!
the 1st meal in Melaka goes to chicken rice balls!! finally i know what is that ==''
古城鸡饭粒 quite famous in Melaka
the rice ball a bit sticky but still nice..
after fulfill our stomach, we found the behind of restaurant has this nice view to take photo!!
for sure we treasure the chance! =D
walk along the street, we found many foodsssss!! i feel fattttt :'(
1) Coconut Shake - RM 3
2) Twist potato - RM 3
3) Cendol - RM 3
4) Sotong Kangkong - RM 8
5) Sambal lala - RM 15
6a,b&c) Satay Celup - RM 0.90 each (located at Capitol Satay, only in Melaka, no other outlets)
can have a try!!
after that, while we walk along, we saw a tower with red 1st we thought that is KL tower, while we stop walking n see clearly, the red light was turning! we very curious about this and decided go have a look!
really is a tower with red light and turning! this is for those who wan to see the night views of Melaka!
so called Menara Taming Sari
and the ticket!
prices of the ticket per person~
free a pack of apple juice and a cup cakes~
the night views from the top
it took around 15 mins for whole "journey"
its omos midnight ady~
bek to hotel and off to bed again <3
have an enrich day!

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