Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Last day at Kuching :'( *throwback

my holiday end soon,
new sem start, 
busy and sleepless life start!

okay..clam down going to share about my last day in Kuching (19/08@Monday)
early in the morning was busy with packing checking all those thing need bring over to here n thr make me damn tired and strongly feel that don wan come back to KL!!
nvm..i still can digest it, bcos one thing make me feel warm is my boyfie come to my house earlier for waiting me and send me to airport...=D
after check in, boyfie bring us (me,aii,liping,jc) to Bing coffee for fulfill me n aii's dream which is BROWNIES!!
on the way to Bing, boyfie just tell me that he haven take lunch since it is 1pm ady...i just realize that im very carelessness to him and feel sorry :'(
i just focus on myself and forgot u..sorry dear :'(
at last, i treat him brownies and his favorite drink which is Dragon Fruit Smoothies!
Brownies costed RM 6 n Dragon Fruit Smoothies costed RM 13.50
this is sooooooo niceeee!!
he didn't angry n still fool around with me <3
gonna leave him soon..goodbye hug :'(
goodbye dear~
i hate this feeling!! but no choice..zzzzz
after that, going departure hall straight away..BUT!!!flight delay 35 mins again>< AA owes like this~.~
finally inside the plane..selcaaaa XD
due to the turbulent, the plane shake all the way make me feel uncomfortable ><
our dinner goes to McD AGAIN!!!
we reach home almost 9.30pm ady..tired dieee!!huh~~~

the 1st and self cooked dinner..
back to this life again..agrhhhhh~~


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