Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Back to Hometown Part 2

Alright, now im gonna start with the BBQ night! In this 11 days holidayss, i had BBQ for 3 timessss!! i feel fatttttt :(
one is with le Diploma gang, one is with family and another one is with dear's family (so called aii's family)..LOL
my dad heard we gonna BBQ at my home, he build a small pondok (so called "bus station" by my gang)  for us so that we can sit thr~ touch touch T^T

with my diploma gang which was held on 11/08 (Sunday)..some of them not manage to come, some of them late due to their personal reason..but, we still have so much fun!!
here are the pictures~!
 6 of them come my house early for preparing :)
 here we go! our BBQ "product"
everyone is hungry~
after finish eating, is the dessert time!! actually im totally forgot i had done the pudding, luckily my mum shout at me said " TOON, UR PUDDING ARHHH~~" then i just realise~XD
so sad Mr.& Ms.Ng back home earlier, they not manage to eat this~ but this good for us bcos we can eat 2 more cups!hahahahaxx
tadaaa!! the group photooooo =D

Next, with my family was held on 17/08 (Saturday)
this time was full with 3 layer pork!
my dad n sis separate the pork into 3 different flavor which are tomyam, cha shao n wu xiang..
i just can say that, i feel fattttt againnnnn ><

Lastly, with dear's family BBQ on 18/08 (Sunday) which is the last day stay at Kuching and holiday gonna finish soon~
sorry :'( there are not much photo due to im just focus in eating~xp
*photo steal from aii

Dear's family are BBQ more types of meat then my family such as beef, lamb...bcos i doesn't like to eat due to the smell ~.~
have so much fun during the BBQ Night!! =D
BUTTT..i gonna to keep fit ady... T.T
Kuching is a place that full of nice food and u MUST try once u visit!! 
this picture just show some of the food that i had ate during the sem break...still have many more! lets me introduce u :)
1) Satay(pork) - located at Hui Sing Hawker Stall 
2) Kom piah - located at Song Kheng Hai 
3) Queh Chap - located at 3rd mile market
4) Sotong Kangkong rojak - located at Hui Sing Hawker Stall 
5) ShangHai Noodle - located at Train Terrace road Life's cafe
6) Dumpling - located at Train Terrace road Life's cafe
7) Shao Mai - located at 3rd mile (left side while going down from 3rd mile highway)
8) Lui Cha - located at Big Mouth (MJC)
9) Teh C Peng - located at Green Height 新泉春

Can have a try while u r in Kuching! =D

The other purpose of bek hometown is Renew my IC! bcos i never renew my IC since 12 years old..hahahass
look very stupid n i know it ~.~
Bcos of this, i had dye my hair become black colour due to the rules :0

from the yellow colour to black colour~ any big different??

Ms. Ng have been cheated by me for accompany me renew IC...actually she have the plan which is want me bring her to Bing for Brownies...so she is not that kind actually..XD

b4 i went to renew IC centre, i thought that i can set my hair like the picture shown above and wish to capture the most beautiful me, but! there have a but! that person tell me that i have to show my eye brow out bcos this is my identity..wat??!! i never know have this rule! @#$^$#*%! i keep on adjust here n thr to show my eye brow out! he even take the hair clip for me ask me clip my front hair up..kill me plssssss!!
and last, this is the result =.=
luckily i still can accept it, if not....i gonna to long piak n never show my IC ><

In this holidays, very thankful to my boyfie which bring me here n thr to succeed my so called goals!
here the list of "goals" =D
not bad, i had succeed 98% of my goals in this holidays and even more thing that i didn't list down..
all of this have to thank to my boyfieeee <3
thank you very much =D
love you dear <3

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