Saturday, 31 August 2013

Melaka & KL trip @ Day 2

BELLOOOOO!!! continue for my trip =)
as we have a happy and full day yesterday, n day 2 we off to A. Famosa Theme Park =D
on the way to breakfast~
we are very scared those pigeons put big "shit" on us :X
our breakfast at another Chicken rice balls coffee shop which most of the people recommended~ it just a coffee shop at the beginning of Jonker Street~
as the photo shown, there are a long queue in front the coffee shop..
everyone was waiting for the Chicken Rice balls~
seem that really popular :o
okay...this is the thing that everyone craving for :)
Chicken rice balls and half steam chicken
the special thing is no nid to order, once u sit down, follow by the chicken rice balls and only ask u wan half chicken or whole chicken..the 5 pieces of rice balls per person are fixed..
the rice balls are better than yesterday we ate at 古城 taste softly and the chicken oso taste nice =)
4 of us order half chicken and 4 barley cost us RM 27.++
after finished, we have to success our mission which is buy Kek Lapis! *my dear's fren ask he buy and bring bek to Kuching
early in the morning still have to walk so farrrrr ><
on the way to buy kek lapissss~
when we found that shop which sell kek lapis, unfortunately, they are open at 11am.. but we have to go A. Famosa theme park earlier, we got to go now due to the time T.T
we are not managed to buy TT
nvm~forgot about that, we took public bus to Malaka Sentral for buy ticket..
ticket from Melaka Sentral to A.Famosa Theme Park
RM 24.10 per person~
it took around 1 hour to reached the Club House.
after that, we have to use this so called Banana Truck to reach the theme park..
RM 1 per person per way
okayyyy..omos thrrrrr! calm downnn =D
there have 3 part of theme park which are water world, safari world and cowboy town..
ofcos we choose Water World!!
here the prices and some offers!
as we go on weekend, it cost RM 41 per person for Water World
the offers is start from September 2013 to March 2014
contact them for more info :)
Welcomeeee =D
 b4 enter, selcaaaa~ say cheese =D
some of the view while u enter, very attractive!!
the big swimming pool have the wave function when certain time, so called wave pool..its fun and lifelike!! 
actually there have many many activities available like high speed slides, wild water slides and many more..
bcos of me focused on playing, so din take much photo on it~hehehehe :p
this is the meals which is included so called "free meals"
few choices for u such as ginger chicken, carry chicken, kicap chicken and porridge..
with 1 soft drink per person...
after this, we gonnan to leave here as we plan to go bek KL tonight..but..we are not managed to bek due to the miscommunication that caused us din buy the tickets..we forced to stay one more night in Melaka again~ T.T
in fact, we can continue to find the Kek Lapis as we got time now~
bek to the shopping mall again..its open! thanks god :)
shop named Nadeje (Mahkota Parade, beside KFC)
this is so called Kek Lapis in Melaka (Layer Cakes)
 Chocolate Layer Cake 
Cheese Layer Cake
RM 9.50 per pieces
quite expensive, but worth a try =)
we not managed to take away and bring bek Kuching, bcos it have to store in cool place and keep for 1 hour only... so we don waste the chance! order and eat ourself~
bring bek is the "cake shit"..LOL
selcaaaaaa~ XDDD
after that, we heading to Satay Celup, which very popular in Melaka..
actually we don know what is that, roughly know about the satay..
so that we go see the 卢山真面目XD
capitol satay, the only one in Melaka, no other outlets!
full housee loooo
need to queue againnnn! every famous things in Melaka need to queue ==''
i think the special thing is on the soup which alike with satay sauces~ others just like lok lok~
RM 0.90 each stick
we eat very fast, bcos there many people look at us and waiting for the seats..we feel very paisehh~
on the way bek time for captureeee~kaciak kaciak~
its omos 12am and is my little cute girl birthday-> Li Ping
they video call me to watch live of the big project which is giving surprise!
butttt, the surprise abit fail..LOL
but nvm, they managed to make the birthday cry non-stopppp!! that's enough..hiak hiak hiakk
apologies to birthday girl, Li Ping again..sorry i not managed to bek home celebrate together :(
but through this video call, i feel we so close although im not beside~
end my day with full of laugh n smile =)
appreciated all <3 

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