Sunday, 1 September 2013

KL trip @ Day 3, 4 & 5

continue for previous post, we are clever this time, we took this bus from Melaka to KL
which very comfortable and cold~
RM 13.80 per person (if not mistaken)
there is owes the best benefit for bring a guys along to travel, bcos he will take all the stuff XD
and me, just only need to carry my bottle only~hehehehe!
After come bek from Melaka, we continue to enjoy our holiday at KL :)
1st, we heading to shopping~!! Brands Outlets
love the lighting at brands outlets's fitting room~hehe
after that, is time to bek hostel for celebrating Li Ping' Birthday =D
the theme for this time is -> Steamboat!
everything is prepared and we started!
 after finished, we are been forced to do exercise for sure my dear was joined =)
end up my day with energetic and happiness!
peaceeee =D

******************* DAY 4 *******************

as the semester ady started, im gonna to attend the class :( pang seng my dear for fews hours~
the 1st time my dear take taxi, LRT and Monorial with me, for sending me to college~
feel warm and happy i have a such good boyfie beside..XD
after the class, i rushing to meet him at BTS..
why rush? bcos im miss him damn much ady since the moment i leave~
napped him to try out this!
at 许留三
RM 12.90 excluded
quite nice :)
 selca at the piano staircase~ do re mi fa so la ti do~
i'm happy girl =D
meet my boyfie's fren again and we go this restaurant~
小笼包 is the most popular dish in the restaurant~
RM 13.80 for 8 pieces
alright~the next destination we goes to..... Bar.B.Q Plaza (Sungei Wang, near Giant supermarket) 
the menu
we had order 1 set of Family Mixed which costed RM 45.90 
tadaaaa!! all ingredients are place on the big plateee
including beef, pork, 3 layer pork, chicken, udon mee, fresh prawn, fish, sotong, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and 3 small bowl of rice
ermmm..don know wat this called..but i think its quite clean and special~
we are starteddd!! hungryyyy~
3 of ussss <3
very very fulll~ i feel fat againnn T.T
bek to hotel for a rest~
the night still young! my dear jio me went out to Jalan Alor for finding Durian!!!
 the people flow are never stop at the street~
finally he found his lovely Durian and straight open one to taste!
RM 13 per kg and this costed RM 26 (2 kg)
see the satisfied face??!! he is so happy but me....i don like durian :o
after finish enjoying his durian, we 来电, walk to KLCC!!
omos midnight we reached thr and while we take fews photo, the light are off ady == 
the resultttt..not bad ;p
have a tired, fun and full day =)
off to bed at around 2am :o

********************* DAY 5 ********************

Day 5, my dear last day stay at here :(
time flieesssss! why??!
 time pls stop at this moment!
the last day, quite a rushing day
wope up at 10am
having simple breakfast at downstairs of hotel
bek to hotel and packing and ready for check out
bring them to my hostel for put their luggage due to going Mid valley later.
have our dinner at Domino pizza
we had order one set for 2 person which cost RM 22.80 (*if not mistaken)
the new flavour which need to add on RM 3.50
it tastevery very nicee!!
onion ring and twist bun are included
the mushroom soup RM 2.80 per 1st cup for Free Re-fill
i like the mushroom soup very much <3
take 1 take 2 <3 time to say goodbye after this meal~
goodbye my dear, see u when im bek hometown~
thanks for coming and giving all the best thing to me
have so much fun with u and im really enjoy and happy with this trip =D
a big thanks to u! muackzz
wish to have it again~whr is the next trip? ;P

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