Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Craving for MANGO ♥

hey bloggersss!!
how u spend ur holiday@Malaysia Day ?
imma went to Midvalley with best frens =)
once reach Midvalley, there was mountain people mountain see..
having a Japanese meal to fulfill my hungry stomach :0

food court @ the Garden
with promotion price RM 10.90 per set (exclude taxes)
taste not bad..i like the rice which very soft and round shape..XD
after that we went to the pet's world just for see the pets only, and then went to Renovation exhibition
the exhibition damn big n many people!!
then, SiangYee japan girl been attracted by her favourite @ muachiiiiiii!!
a stall in the middle which near Daiso
named Aka Chan No Hoppe

tadaaaaa!!! it looks very cute! soft soft round round de..
thr have many flovour in it which are green tea, strawberry, red bean, chocolate, durian, caramel and many more.. *sorry couldn't remember all the flavour
she had ordered strawberry and red bean!!
RM 3.80 each
taste very very nice~!
it is cold and inside full of fillings inside~
she said that she would napped her parents come and buy 1 box for her!
wow! lion open big mouth~haha!
really worth a try =D

******************* MAIN COURSE COMING ********************

Tong Pak Fu @ Midvalley

it was many people inside and u have to queue outside b4 the waiter exist you~

the menu n table setting 
we had order 3 types of mango dessert ♥

 the 1st, Mango with small muachi *sorry i forgot the name
RM 9.80 per cup
rich of mangooo!damn damn niceeeeee!!! im loving it  ♥

the 2nd, Mango Snow ice, with magic ball, jelly & pearls
RM 9.80 per plate
the mango syrups very heavy! not bad too =D

the 3rd, don know wat name it is :x
3 layers of Mango with the crispy biscuit middle and vanilla ice-cream~
RM12.80 per 
more like mango cake, but i like it!
the mango was very sweet n many!

our satisfied faceee =D

Mangoo faceeee XD
we r Mango Lovers ♥

till then :)

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