Friday, 20 September 2013

Mooncake Festival =D

heelooo!! continues to write the second post to9..its gonna to post about last night which is Mooncake Festival =D
1st time celebrated without family n boyfie but i still have my 38 geng which cant lack of too!
a mountain of  fooddddd!! 
fried chicken wing n drumstick, tempura, french fries, fish ball, papa john pizza, hot dog and tau fu huaa!
i smell fattt T^T
b4 start our dinner, ka ciakkkk!
the gals of da night 
we going down to 2nd floor's playground to start our lantern n eat mooncake
we hanging those lantern with hanger..LOL
just 4 lanterns that i brought from kuching..
* picture of right bottom is copy from Google
tadaaa!!! these are some of our mooncake
buy 4 free 2!!
cheap cheap XDD
take 1
take 2
take 3
more photos comingggg~

lastly... the EPIC!! don kill me :)

although there's no family beside, but i feel warm bcos of them..
thanks for everything do for me n sorry for those my mistake~
happy mooncake festival once again although it passed ady ;)
end the night with full of laughing n love 
goodnight ;)

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