Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kik come!

actually we discuss many times ady to walk to Mcd for our dinner last few days, but owes raining caused not manage to succeed..
but, while kik come everything cannot to stop it!
alright, the kik come owes is the most suddenly n unexpected among 8 of us~!
we decided to walk to Mcd although its raining~!
the Running Man group

the sushi lover group

the old school frens group

the couple group

selfieee =D
its cold so that i wear a long sleeves shirt..
over casual look :0 LOL

on the way ~

it took us 20 mins to reached thr..finalyyyyyy!!
promotion promotion promotion!!
 its Mc Value Dinner time!!
quite a lot ppl :0

i try out the new flavour which is Chicken McRib
RM 9.95 per set (exclude taxes)
got ribs dao oh!!
taste not bad, can have a try =D

LiPing 美眉 having her McChicken with satisfied face!
SiangYee 宅女 having her french fries with sleepy face, cos too fullll

Cindy 美食达人 dint complaint on the food, with the satisfied face oso..ho chaiiiii~!
IcyCold having her McRib with colddddd faceee

the couple, Ting & Jean, everyday sweet, even the chili sauce oso taste sweet :0
the Self-pic queen, Aii, the earliest stop to eat n look here n thr n take pic

and the last, is ME =D

after that, we went to Giant which beside the McD only..
just walk around and laugh non-stop~
she is available, anyone interested? hehehe
okayy.. i totally no idea with this :S

i think this post abit boring, but i just wan to write down the things are surrounding me =D
enjoy reading :)
 goodnight and off to bed


  1. 灯光下的女孩, i got interested, contact ways????


  2. you have to follow my facebook, instagram n blog 1st..then say me cute n pretty owes..after that, i will tell u aotomatically in personally. :) thank you..welcome again!haha