Friday, 27 September 2013

Visit to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

hey blogger!! 
this week nothing to post don know why  feel so uncomfortable~ i think im addicted to blog ady :o LOL
so, i had corek corek my photo album hope to find something to write..n finally, kik come! =D
i had joining a visiting to BNM Museum with my classmates and lecturer~
when u enter, u will attract by this staircase! it was at the middle~
got art feellllll~~~
after that, we r busy-ing take pic ady.
the benefit for having Samsung Galaxy Camera
the screen big and yet can fix in many people while self take~!!
they are 24 hours stand by in front of the camera :x
see...this is the prove!
but this time, they fail to do so..cos im too sudden..hiak hiak hiak!
so that i can collect more epic facee..lolll
after that, we walk around n see this!
don know wat is this for, but for us, it is use for capturing!!! for sure!!! =D
take 1
take 2 
i like this pic!!
change to another placeeee
thanks to that person help us to take pic :)
 the butt...epic failedd
just need to say 1...2...3
they will stop for 5 seconds and stand the most beautiful position for u~

after all these zi lian, we have to attend a talk about our banknote

 the talk took around 1 hour, then we proceed to visit the museum
be4 that...

Ms. Liew are busy for chopping this~ XD called Galeri Numismatik~

okay...i don know how to explain all these :o
we are excited to experience their

 da girlssssss <3


Ms. Ng, wat happen to u??
this is inside the children gallery which is use for chop the logo of money
they are busy for making own money
this is how it look like after finish 7 chops

we are have fun in this children gallery..
lastly, say CHEESEEEEEEEE!!

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