Friday, 20 September 2013

A FULL lunch at Capricciosa@Pavillion my fren Cindy Chee Jia Jia had strongly recommended this restaurant to me @Capricciosa which located at Pavillion Food Court.. it had a buffet promotion which costed RM 19.90 only!! *exclude taxes 
free for the 4th person! lagi cheapp!!
you have to print out this leaflet and show them b4 order 
time is from 2:30pm to 5pm daily
valid untill 30th September 2013! hurry up!! im gonna introduce the a la carte which i had ordered =D
Buy 1 free 1 - RM 6.90 for soft drink only, but it is refillable! 


Caesar salad (RM 10.90 for normal price)
can choose for the topping either grilled chicken or grilled salmon
n this is grilled salmon which taste very very niceee!!!
Smoked Salmon Salad (RM 11.90 for normal price)
this salad a bit salty for me :0
but the salmon was very very freshhh!!
 Spicy Clam Pot (RM 16.90 for normal price)
juicy clam in spicy homemade tomato sauce
we had ordered 2 plates for this becos the clam sooooo freshhhh and yet big!! 
as well as the garlic bread! 
i love this damn muchhh!!! 
Rice Croquette (RM 9.90 for normal price)
fried rice ball with mozzarella cheese served with homemade meat sauce
the mozzarella cheese not much but i like the meat sauce!
Calamari Fritto (RM 7.90 for normal price)
this calamari taste not really nice becos it not crispy at all..
but my fren ate last time was very nice.. :0

******Main Course******

Shrimp Crampi (RM 26.90 for normal price)
i like the shrimp very very muchhiiii!!! as u can see at the picture, the shrimp was very big!!
it seldom would see such big shrimps in restaurant :x
 is me ordered the big big shrimp =D
Carbonara (RM 22.90 for normal price)
it was very nice and taste creamy!
this Carbonara belongs to Amber XD
Salmone (RM 25.90 for normal price)
smoked salmon, sweet peas and capers in light cream sauce
this one also tasty! the spaghetti very 'Q'
Miss Ng had ordered it :)
Aglio Olio (RM 25.90 for normal price)
it not spicy enough as Aglio Olio suppose to be spicy
but the shrimps are fresh n big!
worth it :)
this belong to Mr. M~

all the pasta are worth to try and wont regret!

our table full of foodssss!
we eat until very full so that using capture to do some exercise~
hope i have extra money for going the second time!
faster go and have a try~!

-The End-

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